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What Confidence Means

What Confidence Means


Something that has always annoyed me is the tendency for people to say, ?Just be more confident!? This catch-all advice is used for a number of problems. If a guy can?t find a girlfriend, he should just ?be more confident?. If someone is having a difficult time getting hired, he or she is told ?be more confident at the next interview?.

The reason this unhelpful advice persists is because many people are unsure what confidence even is. You know it when you interact with somebody who has it, but it?s rather amorphous; representing multiple behavioral tendencies.

One constant remains: being around a confident person feels good. If a person is a musical instrument, confidence is like when the strings are properly tuned. People can just hear it and feel it.

While advice about posture, voice tone, and eye contact are all traits that confident people possess, teaching these skills alone would be a waste of time. While you can adopt these behaviors to give yourself a temporary boost; it won?t create a long-term power.

Through my research, I?ve determined that there are two main factors that confidence can be condensed into, and these are what we?ll explore through the rest of this blog.

Those factors are: knowledge and ego.

In essence, we want to increase knowledge and decrease the ego.  we?re going to discuss the knowledge factor. And then, we?ll go into how the ego sabotages your potential confidence.


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