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Public Speaking

Public Speaking

In almost any city, there exists Toastmaster?s clubs that exist for the purpose of helping newbies hone their public speaking skill. This is an excellent thing to work on, as it?s also an invaluable skill-set toward becoming influential (and ?alpha?).

Gallup polls have discovered the number one fear that Americans have is that of public speaking. This is probably because being in-front of a huge crowd creates a fight-or-flight response in us. Historically, being faced with a mob would have spelled eminent danger.

One way to adopt a powerful, alpha frame within a 30-day period is to get on or wherever you can find local public speaking venues, and book as many days as you can.

Becoming an adept public speaker will help you to master various other social abilities, as well. The sooner you can start developing confident mastery in this skill; the better .

Physical Fitness

Part of obtaining confidence in your presentational abilities is working hard to maintain fitness. Later I?ll talk more about why fitness is key; but for this week, you need to strongly consider either joining a gym, hiring a personal trainer, or setting up a home workout area.

Assuming Responsibility

The next very important ?alpha? skill that you need start practicing right away is that of assuming more responsibility. This may include:

       Taking on projects other people won?t at work.

       Volunteering to lead teams when most don?t want to get hassled.

       Taking on the harder task instead of the easier task.

       Overall, just being the first to step forward.

Again, assuming responsibility is a knowledge based skill like every other. This skill involves leaning outside of your comfort zone, and being willing to do things other people won?t. Most people battle through anxiety to assume greater responsibility; namely the fear of being judged or doing a bad job. In the next blog post, we?ll learn how to crush those types of limiting beliefs.


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