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Results After 30 Days

Results After 30 Days

Now that you?re knowledgeable in all of the traits of the alpha, we need to think about how you can start getting results in a timely fashion, so you can be several times more confident after about a month of commitment.

       The first thing you need to focus on is your foundational confidence.

       It?s extremely important to go out and socialize, and then identify feelings of insecurity. Go where your confidence is lacking, and clearly identify the origins of those uncertain feelings.

       Practice talking to people without hesitation. Yes, it?s good to ?think before you talk?, but at the same time excessive rehearsing or self-consciousness means you?re operating from your construct-ego and not your core personality.

       Be very mindful of self-chatter. Do you worry about and dwell on things you?ve said after you said them? The most toxic, confidence-killing habits originate in your mind whenever you ruminate on how you think other people feel about you.

       If you?re having problems socializing or suffer from bad shyness, I?d suggest to check out The 30-Day Social Anxiety Bootcamp, and then return to this program.

       Another way to get rid of the construct-ego is examine times in your life where you?re completely unstifled. Maybe a birthday party, or an event you were hosting. Those moments where you act unbridled and totally comfortable are moments when your core personality is activated.

       One technique is to imagine the moments of feeling completely socially free and operating from core-self, and then buy a ring or bracelet. In the field of neuro-linguistic programming, this would be known as your anchor. Tap it or slip it on to place yourself back into the state of mind when you were on top of your game.

       Next, ensure you?re journaling your process. Count your wins, even if they seem small (?I spoke to a bunch of strangers the other day?, or ?I was being yelled at, but I kept my cool?).

    Don?t just read those qualities once and think you?ve internalized them, because you haven?t. It often takes repetition to absorb a topic. I?d suggest rereading the alpha habits on a daily basis until you feel they?re fully consumed by you.

       After 30 days, take an honest assessment and see how far you?ve come. If you still don?t feel very confident, whether socially or in any other situation, accept that you have a lot more work to do, and then get back to work.


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