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Some Other Points for Alpha Male Sexual Qualities

Some Other Points for Alpha Male Sexual Qualities


  • Diet and Exercise: A give-in. It can take a while to obtain a toned physique (to say the least) but you should still work out every-day anyway. If you?re like me, you don?t like wasting time with expensive gym memberships, so I?d suggest researching workouts honed by prisoners, as they?re exercises that can be performed anywhere (given prisoners have to stay strong using minimal resources). This saves time and money.
  • Not Pursuing: You have to stay ever-mindful of the behavior of beta men, and to not get caught up in their habits. A lot of guys enter a death spiral of lusting after crushes, which may include sending constant messages or Facebook stalking. This stuff NEVER improves your chances of being seen as an attractive dude. When you find yourself obsessing over some girl who said ?Hi? to you, take your hand out of your trousers and instead slap yourself silly with it.
  • Having a Mission: Beta men are not leaders, they?re followers and subordinates. This is not necessarily a bad thing, the world needs followers, but the alpha has the responsibility of encompassing a belief. This could be part of an organization and mission statement, or just a personal criteria. Women also feel magnetized to men with a mission.
  • Not Reacting to People Who Tool You: Girls and guys alike try to tool men as a way to see if they?re beta or alpha (and then boost themselves up in the process), whether it?s a guy asking ?Do you even lift, bro?? or a woman commenting on how short you are, your attractive status will plummet if you do anything short of ignore it or plow past it with jokes.

Warnings for Men: How the Ego Sneaks Back In

As with ladies, men must also be very cautious of not allowing the ego to slip in through the back door. Becoming more sexually attractive has two dangers. The first is that without seeing immediate results, you may place your sense of value on your progress. Feeling rejected by a girl, or otherwise not obtaining the attention you desire, can make you pursue a construct-ego; or you start acting in a way that?s not authentic and is not confident.

The second danger is when you DO begin experiencing results, you may start to think of yourself as greater than other guys who are ?chumps?. Wrong. Because you?re more educated, does not mean you have more value. Such behavior inevitably leads to the habit of trying to horde value, and feeling insecure if people stop giving you attention. And thus, egotistical behavior surfaces.

If you allow the construct-ego to take charge again, you?ll immediately drop to beta status.

My opinion is that every person could benefit from studying this stuff. When both genders learn what scientific concepts promote attraction, it leads to better relationships and more sex. And, who can argue with that?

It?s important to remember that ?alpha traits? are not your whole identity. The idea is that evolutionary principles created these attraction switches; it?s just our job to use and exploit them.

This is why I never suggest pretending to be someone you aren?t (which is, again, construct-ego behavior). However, you can reinforce who you are with certain principles that will, in the process, probably also help to make you into a much more socially adjusted person.



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