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Short message

Short message

As a final message to men, I’d like to say that if you’re on a dating site and a woman responds to you at all, you’re lucky…don’t be a jerk. The odds of a woman responding to you at all are incredibly low. She’s not a saint or Wonder Woman. She can’t devote twelve hours a day to answering messages from various guys. This is a good thing. If she does reply, it could be a good sign that she’s genuinely interested. If a conversation ensues, be grateful as things don’t get even that far very often.

As a final message to women on dating sites, I want to say thank you for having the patience to stick with it and I’m sorry for my past behavior. I’m sorry for the continued behavior of men and boys on these sites and their immature responses when they feel rejected.

Not long after completing this experiment and logging the results, I decided to get back to meeting women the old fashion way. I still use dating sites when I’m single, but not very often. I no longer get disappointed or suffer a bruised ego when the cute girl I like today doesn’t reply. It’s still an option to keep open, though I prefer to meet women with a smile, a hello, and warm, friendly conversation. I believe in energy and chemistry and it’s extremely difficult, if not impossible for such things to transmit through a computer screen. My next experiment would be to continuously meet women in everyday life until I found myself in a satisfying relationship. I believe it?s a numbers game. Just a matter of meeting enough women before something clicks with one of them. I resolved myself to keeping it up as long as was necessary. I’d keep going to 10,000 women if I had to. The more women I meet where nothing works out between us will only get me closer to the ones or one where it does work. And I?m grateful for that.


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