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The List of Alpha Habits

The List of Alpha Habits


Now that we?ve established ground-rules for being confident, eliminating the ego?s grip on you, and becoming sexually attractive, let?s further your education by studying the habits of alpha men and women. There?s no alphabetical order, we?re just going to list them off.

  • The Alpha Doesn?t Run From nor Ignite Conflict: Avoiding conflict and sparking it are both signs of insecurity. An alpha will confront problems (and problem people) when it?s necessary, but at the same time an alpha is not the guy trying to pick a fight with everybody, or argue tiny points?these are beta behaviors.
  • The Alpha is a Sympathetic Leader: Trying too hard to be ?strong?, or in any way cold or ruthless, is over compensatory, and basically low value behavior. In real life, the boss, manager, or entrepreneur who is not benevolent and kind will be quickly deemed an enemy?and eliminated without delay.
  • Alphas Respect Their Time And Don?t Waste It: An alpha does not waste hideous amounts of time playing video games, working a shitty job, or otherwise wasting their precious moments. They know what things in life are worth fighting for, and so they fight for it.
  • Alphas Know the Difference Between Love and Attachment or Obsession: Betas who feel uncertain about their own identity, may latch on to another person and become obsessed with that person?s life. An alpha understands his or her own identity well-enough to never be a clinger.
  • Alphas Are Never Petty: Petty behavior screams ?beta?, as it?s the result of the construct-ego feeling cheated. Would an alpha argue over someone beating him or her to a parking space? Hell, no. There is no greater way to destroy one?s personal sense of value to the world than adopting petty behavior because of feelings of intimidation by strangers.
  • Alphas Never Abuse Power: Abusing power could range from Christian Bale screaming at a poor camera assistant with the knowledge that he has power over his job; to a woman exploiting the affection of multiple suitors to obtain the most benefits possible. If alphas are social leaders, then social leaders do not betray the trust people have placed upon them.
  • Alphas Do Not Play Games: An alpha is forthright. This means no mind-games. An alpha has no need to manipulate people to obtain power, or to feel a sense of achievement by leading people on or playing dangling-string-and-cat games.
  • Alphas Don?t Show Fear: An alpha can be afraid of many things, but as a social leader, he or she understands that demonstrating this fear will demoralize the people around her.
  • Alphas Look Out for the Pack: Outwardly selfish behavior does not fit with an alpha personality. This means an alpha will cook dinner for a friend who?s having a hard time financially, or is mindful about not littering or damaging the space one inhabits.
  • But An Alpha is Selfish Where it Counts: Although an alpha looks out for other people, this doesn?t mean the alpha doesn?t show fangs as soon as somebody tries to absorb their time or attention. If an outside force is trying to subvert and / or distract the alpha from his or her mission, the alpha will defend their personal territory, and be quick to bite.
  • Alphas Don?t Have to Answer to Anybody: Very beta behavior is responding to questions about your living condition, lifestyle choices, relationships, sex life, or anything else. The very act of responding to people?s nosy inquiries about your business means succumbing to their frame (and therefore being totally beta).
  • Alphas Impose Timelines on Goals: An alpha understands that it?s weak behavior to make plans and not follow through. And so, an alpha will always create timelines for accomplishment, and the alpha holds other people accountable to get things done when they say.
  • Alphas Don?t Namedrop: Nobody care if you are friends with the guy from that sitcom. Don?t beg for value.
  • An Alpha Truly Bows to No One: There is no reason to put someone else on a pedestal. This may include a leader, a celebrity, or a potential mate. If an alpha meets a famous actor or politician, you can tell that person is an alpha because he or she will smile and treat the person like anyone else?an equal.
  • An Alpha isn?t Worried About Betas or Social Hierarchies: If you?re concerned someone who you lead will overrule you, then you?re being weak-minded. Even if a co-worker obtained a higher position than you, or you were demoted, your alpha personality will remain the same. You understand identity is not something people can take away, and it exists regardless of your job or social status.
  • Alphas Lean Against Their Comfort Zones: One of the biggest signs of a beta personality is being afraid of going outside of one?s comfort zone. An alpha is significantly more courageous and makes their quest in life to obtain greater potential. As a result, an alpha is going to do things other people may think are nuts.
  • Alphas Remain True to Themselves Without Pleasing Everyone: On a personal note, I enjoy it when people around me are happy and having a good time, and this is what I generally foster, but there?s a very important dividing line. If you ever find yourself worried about someone being displeased with you, and you begin altering your personality and values to accommodate that person?then DANGER, DANGER! This is a path to total failure and a long, hard fall back to Beta / Omega territory.
  • An Alpha On a Mission is an Unstoppable Force: Leonardo DaVinci, Elon Musk, Malala Yousafzai, these are examples of alphas you don?t want to fuck with. They?ve completely removed their self-conscious desire to fulfill their ego from the equation and instead they turn all of their attention to an object or idea that they believe must be actualized.
  • Alphas Don?t Struggle With Personal Weaknesses: An alpha knows that being in a state of inner conflict is damaging to everyone. So they accept their flaws and insecurities, and instead of freaking out about their problems, they make active steps to be productive and not allow their issues to control them and take center stage.
  • Alphas Have LIves: Finally, let?s not forget something important: alphas are not workaholics. If your lifestyle is total shit, and you never have fun, it means you?re not really in control of your life and enjoying yourself. A very important lesson is that life is meant to be enjoyed, and this is something take-charge people desire (work hard, party hard).


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