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Project Day

Project Day

One day I realized the woman I’d been talking to on one of the dating sites stopped responding. We we’d only been chatting for a few days or a week, but no one else I messaged had replied, so she was all I had for the time being.  Either I asked her for her phone number or I gave her mine and suggested we “should meet up.” She never replied and I never heard from her again. I guess she wasn’t interested. Or wasn’t interested enough. It really bothered me. I’d really enjoyed the conversation with this stranger. It was a connection. It was small and insignificant, but it was something. Then I lost that. It was such a benign incident but after a long stretch of being single and not having even one single date, I decided right then to do whatever was necessary to meet more women and open up more opportunities to welcome love into my life. I hit the end of my rope, emotionally and I stopped caring about how shady catfishing seemed or what people would think of me if I tried it. I decided I was going to do it anyway. My plan was to conduct the experiment in two parts. The first part was going to be catfishing as a Beautiful Babe.  I wanted to get inside the mind of a woman on a dating site and see things through her perspective.  I wanted answers.

-What’s their experience like? -How often do men message them? -Why don’t most women reply when I message them? -Why are they being so rude?

For the second part I was going to be a Handsome Hunk. I wanted to see how his experience on the site would compare to mine. Yes, I was that insecure. I was also that curious and interested.

-Do other men have similar experiences?-Are they constantly ignored as well?-How much do looks really matter?-How would this guy who looks totally different than me fare on these sites?

If I was going to see what online dating is like from a woman’s perspective, why not from another man’s perspective as well? It sounded like the basis of a beautiful scientific experiment to me, and it seemed important to me to conduct the experiment carefully and document my findings thoroughly. I was very hopeful to learn something about both men and women from this project that would aid me in my love life and ongoing quest to find an awesome girlfriend. In order to accomplish this, I considered it necessary to approach this from the different perspectives as both male and female.



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