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Sex Appeal and the Alpha

Sex Appeal and the Alpha

If you?re not single, it just means gaining better social gravity (and perhaps your mate will also find you a lot sexier after mastering this area).

And inexorably, the topics of social hierarchy and sex will always be linked.

Although differences are clear between the sexes, the elimination of the construct-ego as discussed in the last chapter is critical for both genders in this regard, which we will discuss in greater detail.

Confidence = Desirability?

According to studies, men and women certainly have some differences about what they find attractive.

Through a number of psychological studies (link), researchers found that women find confident, brooding (yet kind), humorous, and intelligent men to be attractive upon first impression. Smiling is, apparently, a turn-off.

Although women place greater emphasis on personality traits than surface-level qualities, researchers do think smiling, happy men appear a bit more ?submissive? (beta) which is why they seem less sexy.

Men, on the other hand, are not necessarily looking for the same type of ?brooding confidence? among women. In the place of a bold, mysterious, confident appearance, men instead find smiling, cheerful and nurturing women to be very attractive.

(I still consider this confident behavior?just a different type of confidence).

In trying to understand the proper ?alpha? traits among both genders, this is a very good indication about how to tinker with your image and style.

Understand that these attraction triggers are largely the result of evolutionary brain mechanisms, and they?re not absolute rules. The idea behind going ?red pill? is to simply recognize our biological triggers for what they are, and then make the most of it.

It simply means that in regard to (heterosexual) attraction, a woman understands that showing positive, smiling, feminine qualities is seen as attractive. And by contrast, a man understands that brooding confidence shows the clearest definitions of ?alpha? traits?the strong, warrior caveman.

While the evolutionary triggers vary greatly between the sexes, the reduction of the construct-ego and promotion of core-personality confidence creates, in both genders, the opportunity to enhance these attractive characteristics numerous times over?a feat impossible among betas who are unsure of themselves.

Next, I am going to look at specifically what steps men and women individually can take to increase their sexual status. If you?re a man, you may consider skipping to your section?however, I?d suggest reading both sections to be fully versed.



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